Friday, July 11, 2008

Brisbane Times

Visitors to or the Sydney Morning Herald or WA Today might have noticed that at the bottom of the page sits a list of the readers' most viewed articles. The Age usually has something like, "Stockmarket hits rock bottom" or "House prices ridiculously unaffordable so suffer in your jocks, first home buyers", whereas Brisbane almost always has some smutty, sensationalist story at number 1. For example, today's TOP story in Brisbane is: "Brigitte's boobs an 'impulse buy'". I don't doubt that they were, but it's hardly newsworthy, is it?

Other examples of 'top' stories include:

- Outrage forces US court to make law against sex with corpse

- Monk caught pleasuring himself - twice!

- Bianca's boobs more burden than.... something...

I can't remember the exact headings, but it never fails to come up with the goods. These examples are just from the past few days. Someone oughtta compile a list. You could make a book out of it. It could be called, 'Tits, Tats and Todgers: The Brisbane Times Anthology'.


alison said...

ah brisvegas and the brisvegas times...a constant source of amusement. it's getting me through the end of term!

Andreea Vaas said...

constant entertainement indeed

Andreea Vaas said...

Bianca was hot indeed

Will @ where to travel said...

Deeply worrying! The BBC website has the same feature; the most popular stories are invariably the least news-worthy.

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